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MC Hammer




MC Hammer

Pump It Up(1988 US Rap #5)


Turn This Mutha Out(1989 US Rap #3)


 U Can't Touch This (1990 US R&B #1)


Too Legit To Quit(1991 US R&B #3)


 Pumps And A Bump(1994 US Rap #3)


Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup (feat. MC Hammer)(2012)





1「Let's Get It Started」(1988)

Intro: Turn This Mutha Out
Let's Get It Started
Ring 'Em
Cold Go M.C. Hammer
You're Being Served
It's Gone
They Put Me In The Mix
Son Of The King
That's What I Said
Feel My Power
Pump It Up (Here's The News)


2「Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em」(1990)

Here Comes The Hammer
U Can't Touch This
Have You Seen Her
On Your Face
Help The Children
Dancin' Machine
Crime Story
She's Soft And Wet
Lets Go Deeper


3「Too Legit To Quit」(1991)

This Is The Way We Roll
Brothers Hang On
Too Legit To Quit
Living In A World Like This
Tell Me (Why Can't We Live Together)
Releasing Some Pressure
Find Yourself A Friend
Count It Off
Good To Go
Street Soldiers
Do Not Pass Me By
Gaining Momentum
Addams Groove


4「The Funky Headhunter」(1994)

It's All Good
Somethin' For The O.G's
Don't Stop
Pumps And A Bump
One Mo' Time
Clap Yo' Hands
Break'em Off Somethin' Propa
Don't Fight The Feeling
Goldie In Me
Sleepin' On A Master Plan
It's All That
The Funky Headhunter (With Intro)
Pumps And A Bump Reprize (Bump Teddy Bump)
Help Lord (Won't You Come)
Do It Like This
Heartbreaka (Is What They Call Me)


5「V Inside Out」(1995)

Sultry Funk
Anything Goes On The Dance Floor
I Hope Things Change
Keep On
Everything Is Alright
I Need That Number
Bustin' Loose
Nothing But Love (A Song For Eazy)
Goin' Up Yonder
He Keeps Doing Great Things For Me
A Brighter Day


6「Family • Affair」(1998)

I Put It Down
Put Some Stop In Your Game
Big Man
Set Me Free
Our God
Responsible Father Shout
He Brought Me Out
Geemann Intro
Eye's Like Mine
Never Without You
Praise Dance Themes Song
Shame Of The Name
Smoothout Intro
Unconditional Luv
Keep On
Teabag Intro
Silly Heart
I Wish U Were Free
Common Unity Intro
Someone To Hold To You
Let's Get It Started
Hammer Music
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