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Father MC



Father MC

Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated(1990)


Lisa Baby(1990)


One Night Stand(1992)


Everything's Gonna Be Alright(1992)




1「Father's Day」(1990)

I'll Do 4 U
Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated
Lisa Baby
Tell Me Something Good
I Come Correct
I've Been Watching You
Ain't It Funky
Father's Day
Dance 4 Me
Why U Wanna Hurt Me 



2「Close To You」(1992)

All I Want
One Night Stand
Close To You
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Do The One, Two
Red Lace Lingerie
My Body
Ladies, I Luv ' Em
Baby We Can Do It
Go Natalie
On The Road Again


3「Sex Is Law」(1993)

R&B Swinger
Sex Is Law
Once She Gets Pumpin'
On And On
I Beeped You
Ain't Nuttin' But A Party
Now Is The Time
For The Brothers Who Ain't Here
The Wiggle
Something From The Radio



4「This Is For The Players」(1995)

Interlude (Interview)
Treat Me Right
This Is For The Players
Sexual Playground
You Can Do Me
Interlude (Studio Talk)
High Rollers
Sexual Healing
I Am What You Want
Funkin' With Father
Interlude (Exclusive)
Hey, How Ya Doin'
I Want Your Lovin'
Interlude (Farewell)







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