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New Edition




New Edition

New Jack Swing を語る上では、不可避のグループ

そして、Jackson 5 につぐ、Bubblegum Soul の雄


ソロでブレイクした Bobby Brown

途中加入ながら歌声はピカ1の Johnny Gill、

Bell Biv DeVoe での活躍も顕著な Ricky Bell、Michael Bivins、Ronnie DeVoe、 

そしてN.E. の要であり、そのファルセット・ボイスが最高な Ralph Tresvant


この後、現在に至るまで、ここまで成功した Teen Boy Group は存在しません


Bobby の衰え(以前 Billboard Live でのだらしないパフォーマンスに幻滅)




Cool It Now(1984 US R&B #1)


Mr. Telephone Man(1984 US R&B #1)


Count Me Out(1985 US R&B #2)


If It Isn't Love(1988 US R&B #2)


You're Not My Kind Of Girl(1988 US R&B #3)


Crucial(1989 US R&B #4)


N.E. Heart Break(1989 US R&B #13)


Hit Me Off(1996 US R&B #1)


Something About You(1997)


One More Day(1997 US R&B #22)





戴くならば、2nd,3rd,5th,6th 辺りからがよろしいかと 


1「Candy Girl」(1983)

Gimme Your Love
She Gives Me A Bang
Is This The End
Pass The Beat
Popcorn Love
Candy Girl
Ooh Baby
Should Have Never Told Me
Gotta Have Your Lovin
Jealous Girl


2「New Edition」(1984

Cool It Now
Mr. Telephone Man
I'm Leaving You Again
Baby Love
My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)
Hide And Seek
Lost In Love
Kinda Girls We Like


3「All For Love」(1985)

Count Me Out
A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)
Sweet Thing
With You All The Way
Let's Be Friends
Kick Back
Tonight's Your Night
Whispers In Bed
Who Do You Trust
All For Love


4「Under The Blue Moon」(1986)

Earth Angel
A Million To One
Duke Of Earl
Hey There Lonely Girl
A Thousand Miles Away
What's Your Name
Tears On My Pillow
Blue Moon
Since I Don't Have You
Bring Back The Memories


5「Heart Break」(1988)

That's The Way We're Livin'
If It Isn't Love
N.E. Heart Break
You're Not My Kind Of Girl
Can You Stand The Rain
I'm Comin' Home
Boys To Men


6「Home Again」(1996)

Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good
Hit Me Off
You Don't Have To Worry
Tighten It Up
Shop Around
Hear Me Out
Something About You
Try Again
How Do You Like Your Love Served
One More Day
I'm Still In Love With You
Thank You (The J.G. Interlude)
Home Again


7「One Love」(2004)

Conference Call
Been So Long
Hot 2 Nite
Sexy Lady
Last Time
All On You
Wildest Dream
Start Turnin' Me On
Love Again
One Love Interlude
That's Why I Lied
Come Home With Me
Best Man
Re-write The Memories
Feelin' It
Leave Me



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