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Heavy D & the Boyz




 Heavy D & the Boyz


New Jack Swing を語る上で、避けては通れないグループ


Heavy D は、ソロに軸足を移した後も、活躍をしますが、急病によって


客演(Janet の "Alright" や Michael の”Jam” をはじめ)や、

プロデュース(Soul for Real など)でも活躍していましたので、もう少し、



”Somebody For Me“ (1989 US R&B #8)


 ”Is It Good To You“ (1991 US R&B #11)


”Now That We Found Love“ (1991 US R&B #5)


”Got Me Waiting“ (1994 US #20)


”Nuttin' But Love“ (1994 US #40)




Heavy D & the Boyz

私は、すべて所有していますが、New Jack Swing の雰囲気をご堪能

なさるならば、1st - 3rd あたりからチェックなされるのがよろしい



1「Living Large」(1987)

The Overweight Lovers In The House
Chunky But Funky (Remix)
Here We Go
On The Dance Floor
Moneyearnin' Mount Vernon
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
I'm Getting Paid
Rock The Bass
Mr. Big Stuff (Remix)
Don't You Know


 2「Big Tyme」(1989)

We Got Our Own Thang
You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet
Somebody For Me
Mood For Love
Ez Duz It, Do It Ez
A Better Land
Gyrlz, They Love Me
More Bounce
Big Tyme
Here We Go Again, Y'All
Let It Flow


 3「Peaceful Journey」(1991)

Now That We Found Love
Let It Rain
I Can Make You Go Oooh
Sister Sister
Don't Curse
Peaceful Journey
The Lover's Got What U Need
Cuz He'z Alwayz Around
Is It Good To You
Letter To The Future
Swinging With Da Hevster
Body And Mind
Do Me, Do Me
Somebody For Me (Jazz Lover Mix)


 4「Blue Funk」(1992)

Who's The Man?
Talk Is Cheap
It's A New Day
Who's In The House
Love Sexy
Slow Down
Here Comes The Heavster
Blue Funk
Yes Y'all
A Buncha Niggas


 5「Nuttin' But Love」(1994)

Friends & Respect
Sex With You
Got Me Waiting
Nuttin' But Love
Something Goin' On
This Is Your Night
Got Me Waiting (Remix)
Take Your Time
Spend A Little Time On Top
Keep It Goin'
Black Coffee
Move On
Lord's Prayer



 Heavy D




1「Waterbed Hev」(1997)

Big Daddy
Keep It Comin'
You Can Get It
Waterbed Hev
Shake It
I'll Do Anything
Don't Be Afraid
Justa' Interlude
Can You Handle It
Wanna Be A Playa
Get Fresh Hev
Big Daddy (Remix)



Like Dat Dhere
Imagine That
You Know
Don't Stop
Dancin' In The Night
Ask Heaven
On Point
Spanish Fly
I Know You Love Me
I Don't Think So
You Nasty Hev



Long Distance Girlfriend
No Matter What
Queen Majesty
Love Me Like This
My Love Is All I Have
Hugs And Kisses
Private Dancer
Chasing Windmills


 4「Love Opus」(2011)

Love In A Bottle
Valentine 2/14
Still Missing You
I Can't
Put It All On Me
Love Your Soul
Dance For You

※i-tune でみつかりませんでした…(私はi-tuneで楽曲を取得したのですが)



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