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Donna Summer




Donna Summer


Discoの紹介をしていたら「Queen of Disco」の彼女を忘れてはならないですよね









「Love To Love You Baby」(1975 US Dance #1)


「I Feel Love」(1975 US Dance #1)


「Hot Stuff」(1979 US #1)


「Bad Girls」(1979 US #1)


「On the Radio」(1979 US #5)


「This Time I Know It's For Real」(1989 US Dance #5)



「Love's About To Change My Heart」(1989 US Dance #3)


「When Love Cries」(1991 US R&B #18)


「I'm A Fire」(2008 US Dance #1)


「Stamp Your Feet」(2008 US Dance #1)









1「Lady Of The Night」(1974)

Lady Of The Night
Born To Die
Full Of Emptiness
The Hostage
Little Miss Fit
Let's Work Together Now
Sing Along (Sad Song)



2「Love To Love You Baby」(1975)

Love To Love You Baby
Full Of Emptiness
Need-A-Man Blues
Whispering Waves
Pandora's Box
Full Of Emptiness (Reprise)



Love to Love You Baby


3「A Love Trilogy」(1976)

Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
Prelude To Love
Could It Be Magic
Come With Me



Love Trilogy


4「Four Seasons Of Love」(1976)

Spring Affair
Summer Fever
Autumn Changes
Winter Melody
Spring Reprise



Four Seasons of Love


5「I Remember Yesterday」(1977)

I Remember Yesterday
Love's Unkind
Back In Love Again
I Remember Yesterday (Reprise)
Black Lady
Take Me
Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)
I Feel Love





6「Once Upon A Time...」(1977)

Once Upon A Time
Faster And Faster To Nowhere
Fairy Tale High
Say Something Nice
Now I Need You
Working The Midnight Shift
Queen For A Day
If You Got It Flaunt It
A Man Like You
Sweet Romance
(Theme) Once Upon A Time
Dance Into My Life
Rumour Has It
I Love You
Happily Ever After
(Theme) Once Upon A Time



Once Upon a Time


7「Bad Girls」(1979)

Hot Stuff
Bad Girls
Love Will Always Find You
Walk Away
Dim All The Lights
Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart
One Night In A Lifetime
Can't Get To Sleep At Night
On My Honor
There Will Always Be A You
All Through The Night
My Baby Understands
Our Love
Sunset People



Bad Girls


8「The Wanderer」(1980)

The Wanderer
Looking Up
Grand Illusion
Running For Cover
Cold Love
Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
Stop Me
I Believe In Jesus



The Wanderer


9「Donna Summer」(1982)

Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
Mystery Of Love
The Woman In Me
State Of Independence
Livin' In America
(If It) Hurts Just A Little
Love Is Just A Breath Away
Lush Life



10「She Works Hard For The Money」(1983)

She Works Hard For The Money
Stop Look And Listen
He's A Rebel
Unconditional Love
Love Has A Mind Of It's Own
People, People



She Works Hard for the Money


11「Cats Without Claws」(1984

Supernatural Love
It's Not The Way
There Goes My Baby
Cats Without Claws
Oh Billy Please
Maybe It's Over
I'm Free



12「All Systems Go」(1987)

All Systems Go
Bad Reputation
Love Shock
Only The Fool Survives
Dinner With Gershwin
Voices Cryin' Out
Thinkin' Bout My Baby



13「Another Place And Time」(1989)

I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
When Love Takes Over You
This Time I Know It's For Real
The Only One
In Another Place And Time
Whatever Your Heart Desires
If It Makes You Feel Good
Love's About To Change My Heart



14「Mistaken Identity」(1991)

Get Ethnic
Body Talk
Work That Magic
When Love Cries
Heaven's Just A Whisper Away
Cry Of A Waking Heart
Friends Unknown
Fred Astaire
Say A Little Prayer
Mistaken Identity
What Is It You Want
Let There Be Peace



15「Christmas Spirit」(1994)

White Christmas
The Christmas Song
O Come All Ye Faithful
Christmas Is Here
Christmas Medley
What Child Is This
Do You Hear What I Hear
Joy To The World
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Christmas Spirit
Breath Of Heaven
O Holy Night
Lamb Of God



16「I'm A Rainbow」(1981→1996)

I Believe (In You)
True Love Survives
You To Me
Sweet Emotion
Leave Me Alone
Back Where You Belong
People Talk
To Turn The Stone
I'm A Rainbow
Walk On (Keep On Movin')
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
A Runner With The Pack
Highway Runner
End Of The Week
I Need Time




Stamp Your Feet
Mr. Music
The Queen Is Back
Fame (The Game)
Sand On My Feet
Drivin' Down Brazil
I'm A Fire
Slide Over Backwards
Science Of Love
Be Myself Again






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